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Whilst countries search for the best “exit strategy” to the recent lockdowns, notiria examines how office working may change.

COVID-19 has challenged and clearly dispelled many untruths regarding home working, with C-Suite compelled to utilising tools such as Zoom.

However, despite these forced changes in working behaviour, no amount of flexibility will eliminate the need for organisations to have common work hubs.

A new way of thinking

When people return to work, they will be working alongside the challenge of COVID-19.  In the short term, safety from infection will certainly be their primary concern and employers will need to review:

  • people movement, preserving social distancing and mitigating areas of over crowding
  • their office space design, incorporating immerging best practices such as “The 6 feet rule”
  • environmental safety measures such as monitoring air quality, filtration, etc.
  • office hygiene and cleaning practices
  • monitoring staff well-being.


Longer-term there is likely to also be a shift in priorities. For example, office space has generally been viewed as one of the most expensive business costs and therefore needed to be used wisely.

Future rational will place greater emphasis on personal space. More space is likely to be required for less people and this may be offset against increased homeworking. Presently, neither employers or landlords can predict what the future requirement will be and therefore accurate data insights of occupancy will become invaluable.

A Focus on Technical Solutions

The working world we return to will be very different from the one we left.  The good news is that through the use of technology, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), organisations have the ability to monitor the space in which their people work.

Examples include monitoring environmental conditions through the use of air quality sensors thus reducing the spread of infections, space occupancy levels and improving the cleanliness of the facility by attending to the areas we use more frequently through demand driven cleaning.

Organisations will certainly be concerned about how their staff are feeling. This can easily be monitored through touch-free staff feedback solutions.

“The way organisations react post lockdown will shape their future. Those who embrace the use of technology such as Internet of Things (IoT) will undoubtedly gain better insights, better protect their people and attract future talent.”

Greg Tutt, notiria

In Conclusion

The working world we return to will be very different from the one we left. Organisations that take measures to protect the safety of their staff will be viewed more favourably.  Those gathering valuable data insights will also be better placed to plan more effectively for the future.

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