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Maintaining HVAC requires highly skilled engineers and a high frequency of inspection.

A good routine of maintaining HVAC systems not only protects the equipment, but also protects the people in the building from discomfort attributed to poor indoor air quality.

A good maintenance programme should include:

  • Replace filters every 1-6 months
  • Inspect Fan, Bearings, and Belts, twice annually
  • Inspect Area Around Air Intake, twice annually
  • Fix Leaks in Cabinet and Supply Duct, annually
  • Clean and Adjust Dampers, annually
  • Clean Air Ducts, every 2 years.

These are all manual inspections that a good preventative maintenance programme should include, but some of these task can be complemented by the introduction of an IoT predictive maintenance solution.

Wireless IoT sensors will continuously monitor the vibration patterns of the Bearings and Belts and the excessive heat exhaust from the cooling fan area. Based on the different vibration patterns, faults can be identified in advance a remedial action taken.

Our IoT solution works by using wireless sensors and a privately connected GSM gateway that can be deployed into the harshest of terrains, thus providing connectivity in disparate locations. Alerts can be sent by email or SMS to pre-determined contacts when there are breaches.

Focus area – Vibration

  • The vibration patterns and temperature of the motor is monitored
  • A wireless vibration sensor is attached to the top of the motor
  • Measurements of the X, Y and Z movement detect vibration patterns and indicate if there is a possibility of failure.