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Meet the Management Team

Our management team has been a successful directorate within the technology and services industry for almost 20 years.  

Appreciating the vast transformation that is Industry 4.0, they formed notiria with the sole focus of helping organisations benefit from IoT.

notiria management “We recognised the enormous potential of IoT, such as improving customer’s products, competitiveness, operational effectiveness, customer service and revenue streams.”

Here are their thoughts on IoT technology and customer relationships. 

Vince Potter

“Technology has always been at the forefront of our solutions and we have certainly seen many changes over the past 20 years.

Our experience has often been a technology journey with Customers, and we are acutely accustomed to managing legacy infrastructures on a typical migration path.

Greg Tutt

“We have always been believed that the relationship between a customer and vendor should be a partnership and this is the key to successfully delivering technical solutions.

Sharing an open forum often brings surprising benefits and breakthroughs when exploring bespoke solutions.

Steve Tutt

“There is no doubt that IoT is fundamental to digital transformation. Now, widely accepted by consumers, it’s not coincidental that it is emerging as the new force in business.

You need connected assets to leverage the capabilities of IoT and the simplicity of our solutions complement our ethos of ‘Making Complex things Simple’.