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Digitally transform your commercial kitchen with a simple low cost IoT solution.

In a price conscious food market, maintaining a quality product at a competitive profitable cost is vital. Food service operators must achieve alternative methods of controlling and improving operating costs.

With extensive competition, economic challenges and increased consumer expectations, today’s hospitality operators are facing considerable challenges. As the kitchen capacity grows, estate and equipment compliance can become a greater liability.

At present, operators can spend almost a day per week on administrative tasks, with property and facilities management included within these duties. For multi-site operations this may grow significantly.

Switching from manual to automated digital solutions utilising IoT, provides a solution to reducing operator costs and improved performance by:

Automated Compliance & regular checks

  • Real time monitoring, remove manual processes
  • Accurate and consistent data collection through automation
  • Remove the risk of inaccurate human interface
  • Detailed audit history stored automatically and efficiently in the cloud.

Preventing Food Safety and Spoil

  • Automated alarms alert you to equipment:
    • failure and maintenance requirement
    • performance degradation
    • breach of operating tolerances.
  • Protect your brand with 24/7 monitoring.

Improving Cost Management

  • Understand your energy consumption, eliminate waste and validate billing costs
  • Spot trends and measure changes centrally
  • Allow staff to focus on delivery
  • Apportion costs in shared facility i.e dark kitchens.

Knowing Your Environment

  • Monitor your total working environment: equipment, temperature, security and safety
  • Maintain optimum comfort levels for your customers
  • Manage common standards across multiple sites centrally.

In a recent survey of over 100 contractors completed by Access Hospitality, 75% of participants found that property maintenance technology, improved the overall maintenance process. It’s proof that having the right technology in place can not only positively impact profitability and reduce costs but can also improve supplier and contractor relations.

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