Overflow Pit Installation

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Our IoT devices can alert you immediately when specific liquid levels are reached in tanks and overflow pits.

Generally, liquid levels in overflow pits require regular monitoring to ensure they are not breached. This is often a manual task and is obviously all the more difficult when the overflow pit is remote.

Through the use of IoT, these manual checks are no longer needed and liquid levels and be constantly monitored. Should liquid levels get too high, the wireless sensor will send an automatic alarm and remedial action can be taken.

Our IoT solution works by using wireless sensors and a privately connected GSM gateway that can be deployed into the harshest of terrains, thus providing connectivity in disparate locations.

Pit surface level / overflow level

  • Overflow pits are utilised when excess waste water is produced and cannot be treated in the local tank capacity
  • Its use should only be at peak times or if the overflow outlet is blocked
  • A wireless flood sensor is installed in the overflow pit at a specified height
  • Should water be detected by the sensor, an event is triggered, and the cloud platform sends an email and SMS alert to pre-specified staff.