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Move easily from schedule-based to on-demand cleaning while improving user experiences, increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs.

With ever increasing customer demands, the dilemma facing facilities managers is how to deliver improved services whilst still remaining competitive.

Delivery a better service at a lower cost

Our predictive cleaning service solves this quandary whilst providing additional value to support facilities managers.

It is a ready to deploy and simple end-to-end IoT solution that delivers real-time data about your entire facility. From this data you can establish valuable insights allowing you to make more informed and reliable decisions about your cleaning team, schedules and supply chain.

As changes are implemented, it enables you to closely monitor their results through a comprehensive central dashboard, which can be viewed on any device.

Integration with external CAFM / BMS systems, analytics or machine learning is available through the solutions open API’s.

Practical uses include:

  • measuring how often any particular space is used, so they can be cleaned only when necessary
  • providing customer feedback metrics (customisable) so you can identify and quickly tend to problems as they arise and also measure your performance
  • automated cleaner attendance, removing the need of paper sign-off sheets together with their administration.

Simple Expanding IoT solutions

Predictive cleaning is one of many smart IoT solutions provided by notiria, such as environmental monitoring, desk occupancy and space utilisation and asset tracking (to name just a few), which can be combined to deliver a custom smart-building solution that can easily scale and expand to keep pace with the evolving needs of your business.

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