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Simple, cost-effective solutions that enable organisations to benefit in operational efficiencies, improved well-being, increased competitiveness and new revenue streams.

With IoT spending predicted to hit $1.1 trillion in 2023, those organisations that embrace this technology will gain a competitive edge compared to those that don’t.

Our solutions provide the simplest, most cost-effective way solutions for organisations to easily and quickly unlock the value of their business assets.

We do this by helping organisations securely connect their assets to the cloud, where they can be analysed and monitored within dashboards or integrated into existing business solutions through a secure API.

How our IoT solution can solve common challenges facing organisations



Digital Twinning

Trending & Insights


Climate Positive

ESG Solutions

Carbon Reduction

Environmental Efficiencies


New Revenue Streams

Competitive Advantage

Cost & Operation Efficiencies

Improved Governance

Health & Safety


Asset Management

Solution Highlights

End to End Solution

Asset to cloud storage with out of the box dashboards / API’s.
Comprehensive sensor range.
Real-time.  Global.

Web Enabled

Completely Cloud based.
Works on any web enabled devices.

Easy Analytics

Elegant, zero configuration dashboards.
Automatic layout of commissioned devices into standard dashboards.

Secure & Resilient

All Sensor data is encrypted.
No external ports.
Utilises leading cloud platforms.