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Real-time user feedback gathering or problem reporting to help improve facilities

Feedback solutions are easy to use polls that can be located in communal areas.

The poll choices are fully customisable (up to 5 selections) and therefore can be designed to meet any specific need.

Feedback solutions are ideal for organisations looking to improve team efficiencies, measure staff & customer satisfaction, check staff well-being and gather anonymised user insights.

How it works

  1. Feedback stations are deployed in the desired communal areas.
  2. Users feedback entered through the stations is passed in real-time via secure wireless gateways (LoRaWAN) to the cloud.
  3. The cloud data can then be monitored by authorised users through secure online dashboards and incorporated into your working processes.
  4. Customisable alerts can be configured (e.g. to advise you of threshold breaches), which can be distributed by email or via a RESTful API to another system (e.g. CAFM, BMS) or native mobile app.

Insights and Integration

As historic feedback data is collected and retained in the cloud, it can be integrated into management reporting, trend analysis and analytics for strategic planning.  This can lead to improved customer experiences, decision making and cost efficiencies.

There is also an ever growing number of sensors available, which means additional solutions such as environmental monitoring, predictive cleaning and asset tracking – to name just a few – can be simply added and integrated within an existing IoT solution.

Touch-free option

As an alternative to feedback stations, notiria can provide organisations with a touch-free feedback solution.

This option utilises a unique QR code for each selected location incorporating your customised choices.

The QR code is scanned by the user’s smart phone and then the appropriate feedback option is selected in the resulting screen.

The feedback is passed in real-time to the cloud and thereafter the solution is identical to the feedback station solution.

Example QR display laminate.

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