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IoT can provide many opportunities to assist organisations lower their carbon footprint and save money.

In response to global warming, governments have introduced environmental taxes and relief schemes to encourage organisations to operate in a more environmentally friendly manner.

IoT provides far-reaching intelligence to assist organisations with environmental initiatives. Our solution allows countless legacy, remote and Intangible assets (e.g. office space) to be incorporated.

How IoT can help

Understanding assets is the first vital step for organisation to realise change. The analytical data that IoT provides improves the operational and efficiency of assets.

Using this information organisations can identifying cost savings, secure reliefs (e.g. CCL discounts) and implement improved working practices to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Carbon emission reduction

  • Replace regular manual maintenance, monitoring and compliance checks with automated IoT feeds, thus reducing carbon emissions of field staff visits.

Identifying waste and efficiencies through analytics

  • Identify unusual and unnecessary consumption (e.g. out of hours waste, abnormally high usage, potential changes in working practices)
  • Drill down on consumption to identify high consumption assets and improve purchasing decisions
  • Understand how office space is utilised to realise space and energy efficiency.

Statutory audit and reporting of consumption

  • Accurate, real-time consumption of specific asset usage – not just meters – automatically uploaded to the cloud for analytics, audit and reporting purposes.

Simple Expanding IoT solutions

There is also an ever growing number of solutions available, such as environmental monitoring, predictive maintenance and cost reduction (to name just a few), which can be simply added and integrated within an existing IoT solution.

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