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Challenges for managers who maintain Cool Rooms, Fridges and Freezers

Temperature controlled rooms such as cool room, fridges and freezers may have valuable contents, such as food, medicine, or alike that will perish or become unsafe should optimum temperatures not be maintained.

Owners and managers can also be held liable for any consequential damage caused.

Many temperature-controlled areas are not connected to Building Management System (BMS) and therefore staff are required to keep manual records of temperatures throughout the working day. This is not the best use of resource and only provides records of temperatures at agreed intervals and not during out of hours.

The risks therefore are:

  • Loss of stock should power, or equipment fail out of hours
  • Possible impact on health of the public should constant optimum temperatures not be maintained
  • Manual recording process open to be challenged

The solution

Through the use of IoT and connection of wireless of temperature sensors, data can be collected continuously. Should the temperature of the cool room, fridges or freezers rise above a threshold then alerts can be triggered and sent via email or SMS to a pre-agreed contact(s).