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A Universal Contact Tracing solution suitable for large organisations who are looking to mitigate the risk of contagion during outbreaks and unrestricted periods.

Contact tracing is a tried and trusted approach employed during the “contain phase” of an outbreak. Its purpose is to prevent the spread of infection.

Whilst perceived to be a national pandemic measure, it can be equally applied within organisations. And whilst it has historically been a costly, manually intensive process, technology is now able to take on much of the heavy lifting.

Why organisations should consider contact tracing?

Contact tracing is a proven method to avert the spread of infections. Within the workplace it can protect employees, reduce employee anxiety and absenteeism (in the case of COVID-19 self-isolation measures) and shield the business from further damage.

It is also highly visible, so a good means for organisations to reassure employees that their wellbeing is being taken seriously.

It can also compliment other initiatives. For example, by pinpointing an area where the virus may be present, special cleaning arrangements can be applied.

A Solution for Organisations

notiria is a provider of Microshare’s Universal Contact Tracing solution.

Suitable for large organisation, it can be quickly deployed by non-technical staff and is not dependent on personal devices such as smartphones.

How it works

  1. Employees, tenants or others at risk are issued simple Bluetooth-enabled badges, keyrings or wristbands.
  2. Devices that come within close proximity to another such devices, record the “encounter” which is uploaded regularly to a secure, central database.
  3. Responsible, appointed delegates can retrospectively trace the movements of anyone that develops symptoms and alert those they have encountered of exposure and precautionary measures.


  • Proven industry-standard hardware
  • Incorporates secure networks (LoRaWAN®), data management systems and dashboards
  • Rapid delivery (i.e. days)
  • GDPR compliant / no PII information is stored
  • Data delivery regulated to ensure delivery to only the right people at the right time
  • Secure database – searchable, auditable and available for trend analytics.

Purposefully Designed

The emphasis of many contact tracing solutions is that they are focused on tracing within the national populous.   Common drawbacks with these include:

  • smartphone aligned solutions and can be unreliable where:
    • organisations / facilities prohibit the use of smartphones
    • legacy hardware is unable to run the necessary apps
    • people may not own a smartphone or simply refuse to use one
  • tracing data and administration is centralised and unavailable to organisations to utilised for supporting initiatives, e.g. predictive cleaning, etc.

Microshare’s solution has been specifically designed for organisational use and is not reliant on Smartphones technology.

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