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IoT technology continues to provide Facilities Management with innovation to improve service delivery

Facility Managers have been early adopters in the IoT revolution.  Nonetheless, further opportunities still exist for deployments of IoT for those seeking further commercial advantage.

Fresh challenges

Traditionally, IoT deployment has been focused primarily on driving efficiencies, such as energy management and predictive maintenance.

However, recent events have dictated a change of emphasis.  Whereas office space was conventionally viewed as one of the most expensive business costs – needing economical use – safe working environments has become a priority focus at C-suite level.

This in turn has placed greater emphasis on:

  • personal space
  • people movement and mitigating overcrowding of areas
  • environmental safety measures such as monitoring air quality, filtration, etc.
  • office hygiene and cleaning practices
  • monitoring staff well-being.

Fortunately, IoT innovation is delivering infinite opportunities for Facility Managers to improve the management of their property assets and meet their obligations, whilst at the same time delivering an improved service to End Users.

Frequently employed solutions

Available, proven IoT solutions include:

Asset Tracking & Management

Desk & Room Occupancy

Space Utilisation

Predictive Cleaning

Feedback Solution

Air Quality

Legionella Monitoring

Predictive Maintenance

Leak Detection

Environmental Monitoring

Strategic Gains

Data is quickly becoming the currency that many businesses are now based upon.  This is due to its ability to assist businesses deliver unparalleled breakthroughs in agility, efficiency and growth compared to their non-Big Data enabled competitors.

Importantly, the underlying principles to this are:

  • the more data you have about something – i.e. situation, process, consumer behaviour, etc. – the more you can gain increased insights and make future predictions.
  • the more data you have at your disposal the more reliable predictions are likely to be.

At C-suite level, it provides opportunities to identify, enable and quickly bring about business transformation, which can dramatically distance a business from its competitors.

Data provision is integral all our IoT solutions.

(Read our article Why companies should be investing in big data now to discover more).

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