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ATM Maintenance Challenges

With the continuing closure of high street bank branches and the move towards online facilities, having access to ATM’s has become ever more important.

The problem is ensuring the ATM’s remain online and operational. Unfortunately, ATM’s and the network equipment are vulnerable to excess heat and are usually only rated to 60 degrees centigrade. In extreme conditions due to problems with the exhaust fan or without a cooling source these temperatures can easily be breached, and the ATM can fail to work.

During these times of extreme heat, specialist staff must maintain a high frequency attendance at each ATM to monitor temperatures and the status of equipment and take corrective action should problems start occurring.

The solution

Through the use of IoT temperature and on/off sensors the conditions leading to a potential failure can be monitored and potential problems rectified quickly.

Electrical Signage Challenges

Often organisations that have a high street presence or office facilities that can be seen by the public may invest heavily in the promotion of their brand through electrical signage. These signs may remain illuminated throughout the day and night and although there are maintenance mobile teams constantly visiting locations, failures are often reported by the customer.

Clearly it is impossible to be at each location 24/7 or to be at location at the exact time a failure occurs.

The solution

Through the use of on/off IoT sensors lighting failures can be reported through alerts to the maintenance company and action to repair or replace the signage can be actioned quickly.

IoT replaces the need for a manual process and the immediate detection of critical alarms is a reality. The result is the increased availability of remote assets and a reduction in operating costs and the organisations carbon footprint.

Our IoT solution works by using wireless sensors and a privately connected GSM gateway that can provide connectivity to disparate assets.