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IoT technology opens new opportunities for monitoring and improving the reliability and safety of operational infrastructures.

IoT is delivering new solutions to help utility organisations proactively manage their infrastructure.


  • Remote monitoring of legacy assets- sensors can IoT enable legacy assets, removing the need for costly and environment unfriendly manual checks
  • Safety – providing IoT air sensors to monitor toxic gases that can affect employees and the general public or be corrosive to equipment
  • Energy performance management – with utility companies being one of the largest consumers of energy, IoT can be used to ensure that assets are performing at the optimum level, i.e. energy efficiency
  • Flood and liquid overflow
  • Predictive maintenance, i.e. advanced analytics to help predict equipment failure
  • Generator and backup batteries health.

Often these were reliant on regular, scheduled manual checks, particularly where the asset was remotely located.


The advantage of utilising IoT is that it provides real-time monitoring of assets, so their health status is always known.  Organisations therefore benefit from:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Removal of manual error prone practice
  • Reduce labour, travel or contract costs
  • Visibility of the health of every connected asset
  • Automatic alerts for anomalies and failures
  • Improved and comprehensive audit trails
  • Carbon offset from reduced travel.

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