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Our IoT devices can alert you immediately when an alarm integrated within a Controller Relay is triggered.

Generally, alarms on remote assets such as a Pump Control can only be detected through regular, scheduled checks by field engineers through visiting the Controller Cabinet itself. Isolated audible or visual alarms are local to the Control Cabinet and without some form of connectivity are impossible to detect remotely.

Through the use of IoT, these manual constraints are alleviated, and the immediate detection of critical alarms is a reality. The result is the increased availability of remote machinery and a reduction in operating costs and the organisations carbon footprint.

Our IoT solution works by using wireless sensors and a privately connected GSM gateway that can be deployed into the harshest of terrains, thus providing connectivity in disparate locations.

Example – Local Alarm Relay

  • Each Pump Station has a set of Controller Relays in an enclosed cabinet
  • A local alarm relay is already installed in the cabinet and connected to a flashing light on the top of the cabinet and in some cases an audible alarm
  • An On-Off sensor is connected to the local alarm interface and connected to a Gateway
  • When the local alarm is triggered, the sensors detects the electrical relay closing and sends and alarm, via the gateway to the cloud platform
  • The platform will then send an Email and SMS notification to a pre-determined list of contacts
  • Resulting in less field visits and quicker response times.