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Old and legacy assets can be included in the Digital Transformation journey.

Countless organisations are financially and technically sweating legacy and dated assets. Managing the asset interfaces to become online and connected with the OEM or support team is costly and technically challenging.

There’s an assumption that aged equipment cannot be monitored or measured in a modern connected process. Age and legacy are synonymous with manual protracted management and maintenance of these assets, with little or no data emanating from often important and or critical equipment.

Digitally Transform

Connecting these assets is not as daunting or challenging as first thought.  IoT sensors have been created with great accuracy, application and that legacy assets can benefit from their implementation. They are a simple and quick retrofit installation.

What was once a dumb data poor critical asset can be brought to life and added to the connected asset inventory. The value of data from these assets will lengthen the operational shelf life and ultimate profitability of its operational function.

The benefits of implementing IoT for legacy assets include:

  • Improve maintenance costs with Predictive Maintenance
  • Extended operational runtime
  • Greater visibility and operational understanding
  • Reduced manual auditing and monitoring.

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