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Remote monitoring Gateway to sensor ranges of 500m for Urban Environments and up to 5km in Outdoor Spaces means that extremely challenging deployments can be achieved with relatively little effort.

A whole lot more scenarios you thought were too expensive are now possible

Industrial grade wireless devices that can be installed and commissioned in less than 15 minutes into outdoor or harsh environments for the same price as residential equipment.

If your assets had eyes and ears, and could communicate with you in real time. That’s what IoT-driven remote monitoring offers. It comprises of collecting data from assets, utilising that data to generate automatic alerts and actions, such as maintenance requests, remote diagnostics and other operational processes.

Struggling with management of disparate and remote assets and or locations? The Asset Complexity Index (ACI) is notiria’s formula to rate your assets for IOT Return on Investment. Each asset will be scored across 6 categories creating a total ACI score. This ACI score will be plotted on the index resulting in its capability to a successful IOT deployment.

What was a time-consuming, labour-intensive process can now be dynamic, immediate and automated. Now, assets positioned nearly anywhere can be monitored from afar. Organisations get better visibility into operational status, with live data from smart sensors and devices and can quickly, automatically respond to current conditions.