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Air quality can impact the health, comfort, well-being and productivity of building occupants.

There is considerable published research identifying the correlation between reduced performance and high concentrations of CO2 in the workplace.  Air quality should therefore be a concern for businesses, building managers, tenants and employees.

And whilst businesses are setting higher standards, facilities managers are frequently faced with diminishing budgets.

Delivering a better service at a lower cost

Our environmental monitoring solution can overcome this dilemma.

Delivering a real-time view of the conditions across your entire operation; dashboards and alerts that allow you to keep track of your properties wherever you are and historic data to support analytics so you can make informed decisions.


These include:

  • savings through improved energy efficiency
  • a consistent work environment regardless of external conditions
  • increased staff productivity due to an improved working environment
  • less complaints as issues are quickly identified and resolved, i.e. evolution from reactive to proactive mode
  • reduced crisis situations as potential equipment failures can predicted in advance
  • improved analytics and more reliable decision making based on historic data.

Simple Expanding IoT solutions

There is also an ever growing number of sensors available, which means additional solutions such as environmental monitoring, predictive cleaning and asset tracking – to name just a few – can be simply added and integrated within an existing IoT solution.

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notiria provides simple and cost-effective IoT solutions for organisations to easily and quickly unlock the value of their business assets.

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