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An automated emergency light testing solution incorporating real-time reporting, auditing and compliance checks

Building safety regulation is changing and digital is becoming default.  Our solution helps FM and building management to stay compliant and meet the statutory obligations by offering an automated digital system to track emergency lighting testing.

This eliminates the need for costly manual inspections and paper reports, whilst reducing the risk of errors.

Common  Challenges

  • Manual testing may need several reliable and experienced technicians or trained staff
  • In larger buildings this becomes labour intensive, expensive and difficult to manage
  • Status is not reported  in real-time, so the status cannot be confidently known until manually checked.

Improving Management and Protection

Our compliant solution benefits from:

  • secure LoRaWAN wireless technology – no additional wiring is required and commissioning is simple
  • real-time reporting – each units status is available through solutions platform
  • automate testing – daily, weekly and quarterly tests reported to a central platform
  • audit and compliance information (DALI EN62386 & ATS 62034) is available through the solutions platform
  • compatibility with all DALI models.

Up to 90% energy reduction can be achieved when combined with an LED switchover.

The automated process removes the need for manual testing routines resulting in data entry errors and 10 x risk reduction.

How it works

  1. Our sensors are simply attached to existing emergency lights where they automate testing and report on the status of the light in real-time.
  2. Testing reports and alerts of failures are sent via our closed LoRaWAN network to ensure that timely action can be taken.
  3. As with all our sensor solutions no integration, local IT infrastructure or resources are required.

Testing ensures: the battery is connected and receiving charge, the lamp will strike correctly when required and the battery can run the lamp for the rated duration.

Assisting Analytics and planning

Additionally, data produced by each asset – stored in the cloud – can assist with insights into asset utilisation, which in turn can assist procurement decisions.

The historic IoT data is stored in the cloud and is available for organisations to use for analytics. This could be for management reporting, trend analysis and analytics for strategic planning.

In fact, many businesses have now integrated their “big data” into core business systems to improve processes, customer experience and beyond (see our article “Why companies should be investing in big data now”).

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