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Technological advancements mean that IT and Comms rooms can benefit from greater protection.

Computer servers, network routers and telephony systems are critical to the function of a business. Failures inevitably have a significant business impact.

Maintaining an environment for optimal equipment performance and protection is subject to many variables, such as ambient relative humidity levels, temperature, airflow and circulation through data and communication racks. Consequently, monitoring should be performed in multiple places, allowing comparisons between different areas.

Other areas of concern are security and environmental issues such as flood.

Our IoT solution enables organisations to address all these aspects. And because it does not rely on fixed wiring, monitoring can be easily redeployed as and when required.

Dashboards provide real-time monitoring, or this can be performed through existing BMS and support systems using open API’s. And as different user defined tolerances are breached, alerts can be automatically triggered to variable escalation points.

Cloud based performance data allows the analysis of trends and variations in performance.

Finally, the ability to enable and monitor legacy assets means that the solution can be all encompassing.

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