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Health Sector is positive about how IoT can safeguard facilities and achieve efficiencies for patient care.

Within the health sector there is significant scope to expand IoT deployment to further enhance patient care and improve monitoring of high-risk areas.  By its very nature, IoT provides continuous, accurate and real-time information and is therefore far superior to manual or semi-automated processes.

Fresh challenges

Typical IoT deployments have included:

  • measuring and controlling the power consumption of assets
  • predicting asset failures (so they can be repaired before failure)
  • controlling lighting and temperatures of work and public spaces.

However, the potential applications of IoT seem endless.  Some deployments that are currently attracting attention include:

  • monitor and alert against the potential spread of Legionella in hospital facilities; safeguarding patients and staff
  • track and efficiently manage beds, resulting in a significant, positive impact on comfort and patient waiting times.

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