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Mandatory processes and functions are now addressable with IoT.

There are many business processes and functions that are mandatory due to compliance requirements set down by government or industry legislation. Many of these tasks are manual, time consuming and costly.

Compliance and IoT

Recording of data is typically part of compliance, which may be performed by an un-skilled workforce and prone to error. Compliance is often adhered to at the minimum levels due to the overhead in time and cost, therefore it doesn’t translate that events won’t happen even though you are compliant.

By deploying IoT solutions to displace or assist compliance processes, the improvements and gains in data and business intelligence are exponential. The deployment and ongoing costs of IoT are generally significantly lower than the manual equivalent. More importantly, the risk mitigation of non-compliance is enhanced and thus provides a more robust working environment for employees and business owners.

In summary, engaging IoT:

  • Removes errors attributable to manual practice
  • Reduces labour or contract costs
  • Provides greater visibility and operational understanding
  • Mitigates the risk of non-compliance
  • Improves audit trails
  • Improves working environments.

Simple Expanding IoT solutions

There is also an ever growing number of sensors available, which means additional solutions such as environmental monitoring, legionella monitoring and asset tracking – to name just a few – can be simply added and integrated within an existing IoT solution.

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