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Our easy to deploy industrial and commercial grade IoT solutions enable organisations to connect assets quickly.

We provide a range of low cost IoT devices that provide real time data from building systems, spaces and other remote field assets.

Data from these devices is passed via secure, segregated wireless gateways / LPWAN networks to the cloud where it is available to your organisation.

The data is displayed in a monitoring cloud platform as a turnkey managed service and can be accessed via a secure API for integration into business systems.

Security is a big consideration when deploying an IoT solution. Our IoT solution is a robust, secure and a standalone wireless solution adopting LPWAN technology and data securely stored in AWS and Azure.

Complete Out-of-the-box Solution

Technical Highlights

End to End Solution

Asset to cloud storage with out of the box dashboards / API’s.
Comprehensive sensor range.
Real-time.  Global.

Web Enabled

Completely Cloud based.
Works on any web enabled devices.

Easy Analytics

Elegant, zero configuration dashboards.
Automatic layout of commissioned devices into standard dashboards.

Secure & Resilient

All Sensor data is encrypted.
No external ports.
Utilises leading cloud platforms.