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Our platform brings data from IoT physical devices online and incorporates the core components necessary to fully benefit from your IoT investment.

Platform Components

Our IoT platform provide all the components to allow organisations to launch, scale and consume IoT.  We provide this through a single interface, meaning organisations avoid multiple portals, multi credential management and fragmented user interfaces.

Business Intelligence

  • Cloud based dashboards – for monitoring your assets on any device
  • Automatic alarms and alerts – trigger notifications by text or email when defined limits are breached
  • Access to data through API’s – allowing integration into external systems and performing analytics
  • Incorporate business process workflows – introduce business efficiencies and improve customer delivery.

Life-cycle Management

  • Sensor Status and Health Reporting – know that all devices are operational
  • Administration – set up and allocate devices, develop installation activity and manage deployed assets all from within the platform.


Organisations can retrieve their data or connect to external systems through RESTful API’s.

Device data is processed and normalised to create standardised data dimensions as it is received, regardless of the originating device.

Meta data is also attached so that the device data is tagged to a location rather than a physical device.  This provides continuity should the device every need to be replaced,

How we can help?

Our solutions provide simple and cost-effective ways for organisations to easily and quickly unlock the value of their business assets.

To find out more contact us.