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Reducing cost and uncovering operational efficiencies through IoT deployment.

Every organisation is looking for ways to reduce costs and improve their bottom line. Departments, divisions, processes, people and property are just some of the targets to utilise technology in a way to find the ever more elusive reduction to operational overheads.

Cost Efficiencies through IoT

IoT has ROI in its DNA, whether as a direct project to deliver lower costs or a by-product to a service improvement programme.

It can also offer efficiencies to problems where previously there was no solution. Legionella testing is a prime example where the high costs of testing and record keeping can be replaced by automated IoT checks.

Typical areas where IoT provides cost savings include:


Areas where deployment is often missing – for which notiria can offer a cost reduction solution – include:

  • Legacy assets which have no IoT presence
  • Remote and disparate assets where geographical and connectivity are inhibitors
  • Intangible assets where analytics is reliant on data where there is no source – e.g. measuring physical desk usage, room occupancy and comfort, space optimisation, etc.

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notiria provides simple and cost-effective IoT solutions for organisations to easily and quickly unlock the value of their business assets.

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