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We provide a range of industrial and commercial grade IoT devices that provide real time data from building systems, spaces and other remote field assets.

Data from these devices is collected and displayed in a monitoring cloud platform as a turnkey solution. We also provides standard ways to integrate live sensor data into third party business systems.

  Example Application

Temperature Sensor – RF Wireless Sensor utilises a type NTC thermistor to measure temperature.

Monitoring room temperature, environmental, HVAC, data centres, freezers & coolers.

Flood Sensor – alerts users of potential flooding or leaks.  Conversely this Sensor can also be used to detect a lack of water.

Water heater monitoring, plumbing leak detection, sump monitoring, boat bilge monitoring, basement/crawl space monitoring.

Humidity Sensor – accurately monitors the relative humidity of the air within a room or enclosure.

Monitor humidity in environments such as art galleries, museums, greenhouses, HVAC dehumidification.

Light Sensor – detects the presence of light.

Facilities management, commercial property management, LED Maintenance.

Meter Sensor – this Pulse Counter Sensor can be integrated with systems to count the number of actuations within a given frame.

Water metering, power metering, area / room enter counts.

Motion Sensor – uses infrared to accurately detect movements made by people/animals within 5m range.

Provides occupancy information to supports predictive cleaning, space utilisation, ??????

On/Off Sensor – detects contact between two wired contact points, an external mechanical switch or a contact plate.

Freezer/cooler door monitoring, button or switch integration, AC unit On/Off, automation controller status.

Vibration Sensor – measures and accumulates vibration activity, i.e. vibration presence and amount detected over a specified time period.

Monitor: machinery and pumps; detect if a window is broken or shattered; vibration counter.

Decibel Sensor – detects sound presence and levels.

Monitoring occupancy and sound in offices, workshops and other internal spaces.  Gather data on sound levels for health and safety.

Brightness Sensor – a complete sensing service for those looking to improve employee comfort and monitor light levels.  This solution requires custom development work tailored for specific client use cases.

Monitoring light levels in offices, workshops and other internal spaces, gather data on light levels for health and safety, monitor light in multi-occupancy environments.

Activity Level Sensor  detects motion and occupancy within spaces.

Comparing activity between areas or access points.  Setting up alerts for when a specific area is entered.  An integral element of our Predictive Cleaning solution.

Leak Detection Sensor – detects / alerts of flooding or water leaks .

Water heater monitoring, plumbing leak detection, sump monitoring, boat bilge monitoring, basement/crawl space monitoring.

Ambient & Remote Temperature Sensor – Monitors ambient temperature of cold storage areas in real-time.

Prevent spoilage of refrigerated goods and sensitive products by being alerted to changes in real-time temperature, analyse data to improve compliance and energy consumption.

Smoke Detection Sensor – photoelectric smoke sensors that can report ambient temperature.

A cloud-enabled smoke alarm solution for organisations that can also be integrated to a building management system.

Parking Occupancy Sensor – detects parking space availability.

Locate parking space speedily in workplace park areas.  Enables car park operators to offer mobile parking apps for registered users.  Gather data and insight on how parking facilities are utilised.

Open/Shut Sensor – detect status through use of magnets, so when the magnet and sensor have no contact, the status reported is ‘open.’

Monitor when door / window are opened, e.g. Comms rooms, property voids, climate controlled environments.  Create alerts when emergency equipment (defibrillators, fire/safety equipment) are tampered or used.

Smart Emergency Lighting Sensor – an IoT sensor simply attaches to existing emergency lighting and reports on the status of the light in real-time.

Eliminate costly manual inspections and paper reports, whilst reducing the risk of errors.  Audit and compliance information (DALI EN62386 & ATS 62034) is available through the solutions platform.

The range of sensors we provide is continuously expanding, so please contact us if you are unable to find one appropriate for your need.

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Our solutions provide simple and cost-effective ways for organisations to easily and quickly unlock the value of their business assets.

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