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A complete asset zoning and geofencing solution built on industry standards

Effectively manage your key assets across large spaces with our cost effective asset zoning solution that can be deployed internally and externally.

Common Asset Challenges

There are many challenges managing significant assets. Common issues may include:

  • the ability to locate an asset quickly when it is required, saving time and effort
  • theft, which is not only costly, but may go unnoticed until the asset is needed
  • scarcity of an asset resource, meaning they are not available when required, which can result in hording behaviours
  • cross contamination issues where assets are utilised beyond compliant boundaries
  • no understanding of over or under utilisation and how that is interpreted into procurement decisions.

Improving Asset Management and Protection

Utilising a combination of the best of breed technologies (including Bluetooth BLE beacons, BLE scanners, LoRaWAN, Microsoft Azure IoT) our solution provides an end-to-end solution that is quick and easily deployed.

Once enable, assets can be traced through visual dashboards, geofenced and alarms can be triggered to identify breaches.

How it works

notiria brings together best of breed technologies to enable this use case:

  1. Installing low cost industry standard Bluetooth BLE Beacons on assets.
  2. Deploying BLE Scanners with a LoRaWAN backhaul on fixed positions (in buildings and in vehicles).
  3. Utilising Microshare Data Management solution manages devices, locations and presents useful data to applications using Azure IoT.

We offer a variety of different sized BLE beacons, all comply with the same industrial standard protocol (iBeacon).

Some incorporate an accelerometer, so that they broadcast less often when not moving, thus preserving battery life.

Assisting Analytics and planning

Additionally, data produced by each asset – stored in the cloud – can assist with insights into asset utilisation, which in turn can assist procurement decisions.

The historic IoT data is stored in the cloud and is available for organisations to use for analytics. This could be for management reporting, trend analysis and analytics for strategic planning.

In fact, many businesses have now integrated their “big data” into core business systems to improve processes, customer experience and beyond (see our article “Why companies should be investing in big data now”).

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notiria provides simple and cost-effective IoT solutions for organisations to easily and quickly unlock the value of their business assets.

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