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Our remote management solution automates the collection of essential water temperature data as required under HSE legislation.

Checking water temperature and flow is key to maintaining a safe water systems and is mandatory under HSE legionella guidelines.  Current monitoring practices are predominately a manual process and therefore costly to fulfil and open to errors and omissions.

And whilst gaps in compliance records are a cause for concern, inaccurate records have the potential to be far more dangerous.  If a system is left in an unsafe condition, bacteria can proliferate and place people at risk.

Intelligent monitoring

Utilising Internet of Things (IoT) technology, our easy to deploy Smart Water Temperature Management solution overcomes the challenges of traditional compliance checks.  Fully automated, our non-intrusive, end-to-end water flow and temperature monitoring solution simplifies data collection whilst improving accuracy.

Features include:

  • Real-time & automatic monitoring of water flow and temperatures
  • Automatic alerts that can be triggered when conditions breach defined parameters allowing interventions, e.g. flushing or temperature adjustments to avoid freezing pipes and scolding incidents
  • Improved compliance through capturing accurate information from your water system network automatically and safely storing the data in the cloud
  • Real-time status reporting for all device end-points via dashboards or directed to your chosen system via API’s.

Shortcomings of traditional monitoring

Monthly temperature monitoring is mandatory under HSE L8 compliance.  These checks, which are predominately a manual process, aim to protect against the dangers posed by legionella bacteria.  This process is potentially flawed because:

  • the incubation period for legionella can be as little as 10 days
  • difficult and hard to reach areas may be omitted from monthly checks
  • by its very nature manual recording can lead to unintentional errors and omissions.


In addition to improving the effectiveness of water temperature management over traditional methods, organisations can further benefit from:

  • Cost savings of potentially 40 to 60% by reductions in current costs, e.g. costs of labour / contractors, travel expenses, processing of data, etc.
  • Carbon emission reduction due to a reduction in site visits by field staff
  • Increased responsiveness to non-compliant events through automated alerts
  • Improved compliance through eradicating manual process errors and automated audit trails
  • Enriched insights from analytics of a larger data pool, e.g. trends, correlations, etc.
  • Eradicating scheduling challenges e.g. missed appointment’s, holidays, sickness and planning difficulties (COVID).


Protecting employees and the general public from legionella is of paramount importance to organisations.  Not only may non-compliance result in large penalties, but cause significant damage to brand reputation.

Our Water Temperature Management solutions can support organisations by improving the effectiveness of water flow and temperature monitoring, whilst delivering significant savings.

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