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Our IoT devices can alert you immediately when a generator’s battery voltage drops below a viable level.

Generators are the back-up solution for when power fails, and plant and machinery are unable to operate. There are plenty of examples that without proper checks, care and maintenance these generators can fail, just when they are needed most.

A key component within the generator are the batteries which are required to start the generator when problems occur. However, overtime these batteries degrade and this is not necessarily visible from the outside. Therefore, these batteries need to be regularly checked and, in many organisations, this is only part of annual maintenance visit.

Our IoT solution works by connecting a wireless voltage sensor to the battery terminals which monitors the health of the battery on a time-based schedule. Should the battery fall below the power that is required to start the generator then an alarm is triggered and distributed immediately to predefined contacts via email and SMS.

Our solution can help reduce operating and maintenance costs and provide comfort that there will be sufficient voltage to start the backup generators when they are required.

Example – Diesel Starter Motor Battery

  • Batteries and connected to the starter motor within the generator
  • Over time these batteries can degrade and then lose the capability to start the generator
  • A wireless voltage sensor is connected to the battery terminals and constantly measures the health of the battery
  • If the voltage drops below a viable level an alert/alarm event is sent via Email and SMS to onsite staff.