24V SCADA Cabinet Installation

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Our IoT devices can alert you immediately to 24V control events from SCADA control systems.

Generally, alarms on remote assets such as a Scada control system, can only be detected through regular, scheduled checks by field engineers through visiting the Controller System itself. Isolated, audible or visual alarms can be local to the Controller System and without some form of connectivity are impossible to detect remotely.

It may be possible to connect remote SCADA’s back to a Centralised Control System, but because of the ways it is connected, the alarm state is too low level to monitor its actual status.

Through the use of IoT, these manual constraints are alleviated, and the immediate detection of critical alarms is a reality. The result is the increased availability of remote machinery and a reduction in operating costs and the organisations carbon footprint.

Our IoT solution works by using wireless sensors and a privately connected GSM gateway that can be deployed into the harshest of terrains, thus providing connectivity in disparate locations.

Critical Alarms in Control System

  • Complex systems will all have some form of SCADA control to operate machinery
  • This SCADA control is local and isolated and is not connected to a central Control System
  • An On-Off wireless sensor is connected directly/piggy backing the interface to monitor it’s status
  • Should the 24V control event be triggered, an alert is sent from the IoT platform via Email and SMS to pre-determined contacts.