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Our IoT devices facilitate actionable insights and advanced analytics to help organisations predict equipment failure.

Traditionally, organisations have followed a preventative maintenance approach to maintaining their assets. Whilst this goes someway to reducing the risks of failure, it cannot mitigate the risk entirely. Therefore, untimely downtime is inevitable and the ultimate loss of revenue and risk to reputation a real possibility. This is especially problematic when the asset is in a remote location and critical to the organisations operation.

Through the use of IoT and wireless sensors, assets can be maintained more effectively and preventative planned action taken prior to failure. This is Predictive Maintenance and there are many other benefits over traditional maintenance.

Our IoT solution works by using wireless sensors and a privately connected GSM gateway that can be deployed into the harshest of terrains, thus providing connectivity in disparate locations. Alerts can be sent by email or SMS to pre-determined contacts when there are breaches.

Focus area – Vibration

  • The vibration patterns and temperature of the Pulley couplers are monitored
  • A wireless vibration sensor is attached to the top of the Transmission Coupler Housing
  • Measurements of the X, Y and Z movement detect vibration patterns and indicate if there is a possibility of failure.

Focus area – Temperature

  • A wireless temperature sensor is attached to the coupler housing and monitors the surface temperature
  • By monitoring increases in heat (or the delta of heat and the external temperature) over certain levels will indicate excessive friction in the bearings
  • This is a leading indicator of failure.

Focus area – Current Draw

  • A wireless current sensor monitors the amount of current the electric motor is drawing
  • Excessive draw on current, or abnormal current draw patterns can provide early indicators that a motor requires maintenance.